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= CyberOne At-Large (and growing!) =
[http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/cyberone/ CyberOne: Law in the Court of Public Opinion] is a pathbreaking class offered in the Fall Semester of 2006 through [http://www.law.harvard.edu/ Harvard Law School].  [http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/cyberone/audiences/at-large/ At Large] participants are non-enrolled students who are participating in the course in many ways: watching the videos, doing the readings, meeting informally in [http://secondlife.com/ Second Life], and organizing project groups on our own and with enrolled students.
== At-Large Participants ==
Here's a list of current At-Large Participants.  If you are an At-Large participant and are not listed, please add yourself to the list and provide a bit of information about yourself.
* [[List of At-Large Participants]]
If you are interested in connecting with other at-large participants please join the [http://lists.lobbyday.com/mailman/listinfo/cyberone CyberOne at-large participants mailing list].
There are also two SL groups that have formed in oprder to facilitate increased cooperation among At-Large members.  Contact members of the group to get involved!  The two groups are:
<BIG>[[Talk:CyberOne_At-Large|CyberOne At-Large]]</Big>
<BIG>[[Talk:CyberOne:_Open_Access|CyberOne: Open Access]]</Big>
===At-Large Participants' Discussion===
*'''Next Meetings in SL:''' Sun, 10/15 at 8:30 EST/5:30 SLT (OPEN TO ALL CYBERONE STUDENTS AND GUESTS)
--Members of CyberOne: Open Access are invited to meet and discuss the status of current projects. 
<BIG>[[Talk:Got_Grassroots|Got Grassroots?]]</Big>
<BIG>[[Talk:At-Large_Participant_Project_Pages|At-Large Discussion]]</BIG>
= At-Large Projects =
To make the experience more fulfilling--and to prove the power of this new rhetorical space--At-Large participants are working to create diverse projects.  Check out some of the current pprojects and new ideas for projects!
==Current Projects==
<BIG>[[Talk:International_Copyright_Wiki|International Copyright Wiki]]</Big>
<BIG>[[Talk:Discovery_through_Error_Theory|Discovery Through Error]]</Big>
We learn by our mistakes
I make a lot of mistakes
-->Therefore, I learn a lot
<BIG>[[Talk:The_TRUTHS_Project|The TRUTHS Project]]</Big>
TRUTHS is an important idea, expressed in the language of a particular scientific discipline that needs to be better understood by the public, policy makers and scientists working in different fields. How might we use the new media (including Second Life) to clarify a scientific argument?
<BIG>[[Talk:Project_Timecode|Project Timecode!]]</Big>
<BIG>[[Talk:The Video Production Project|Video Production Project]]</Big>
* [[At-Large Participants' Project Ideas|At-Large Participants' Project Ideas]]
= At-Large Meeting Transcripts =
After we have meetings in Second Life, we try to post the discussions for those members who couldn't join us.  The following are discussions we have held in SL.
[[9-24meeting|Here is the transcript from our meeting on Sunday, 9/24]]
[[10-1meeting|Here is the transcript from our meeting on Sunday, 10/01]]
[[10-10meeting|Here is the transcript from our meeting on Monday, 10/10]]
=== External Links ===
* [http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/cyberone/ Course Website]
* [http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/cyberone/administration/syllabus Syllabus]
* [http://stateofplayacademy.com/course/view.php?id=7 Moodle]
** [http://stateofplayacademy.com/course/view.php?id=7  Protected area, for Extension School students (requires login)]
** [http://stateofplayacademy.com/course/view.php?id=10 Open area, for at-large participants]
* [http://del.icio.us/tag/cyberone cyberone del.icio.us tag]
=== Other Wiki Areas ===
* [[Sandbox]] where you can practice editing pages
* [[Haiku]]
* [[Interesting Email]] relating to the organic quality of our course
* [[Real/Not Real?]]
* [[Main_Page#Related_Links|Related Links]]
=== Related Links ===
* [http://habitat.igc.org/wealth-of-networks/ The Wealth of Networks]
* [http://www.benkler.org/wealth_of_networks/index.php/Main_Page Benkler's "Wealth of Networks" CyberOne Wiki]
* [http://www.wikipedia.org/ Wikipedia]
* [http://blog.eukhost.com Linux resources]

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