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= CyberOne At-Large (and growing!) =
[[http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/cyberone/ CyberOne: Law in the Court of Public Opinion]] is a pathbreaking class offered in the Fall Semester of 2006 through Harvard Law School.  [[http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/cyberone/audiences/at-large/ At Large]] participants are non-enrolled students who are participating in the course in many ways: watching the videos, doing the readings, meeting informally in [Second Life], and organizing project groups on our own and with enrolled students.
== At-Large Participants ==
Here's a list of current At-Large Participants. 
* [[List of At-Large Participants]]
== The Mailing List ==
If you are interested in connecting with other at-large participants please join the [http://lists.lobbyday.com/mailman/listinfo/cyberone CyberOne at-large participants mailing list].
== At-Large Student Projects ==
* [[At-Large Participants' Project Ideas|At-Large Participants' Project Ideas]]
== At-Large Second Life Meeting Transcripts ==
[[9-24meeting|Here is the transcript from our meeting on Sunday, 9/24]]
[[10-1meeting|Here is the transcript from our meeting on Sunday, 10/01]]
[[10-10meeting|Here is the transcript from our meeting on Monday, 10/10]]
==At-Large Participants' Discussion==
*'''Next Meetings in SL:'''  Thurs, 10/12 at 9 EST; and Sun, 10/15 at 8:30 EST
=== Got Grassroots? ===
''[[User:Crislc|Crislc]] 00:18, 10 October 2006 (EDT)''
For more info, [[Got Grassroots|Got Grassroots?]].
<BIG>[[Talk:At-Large_Participant_Project_Pages|At-Large Discussion]]</BIG>
== Project Timecode! ==
Please help us make highlight videos that will be shown on Cambridge Community Television, at other public access stations, and everywhere on the internet! 
All you need to do is:
-Note changes in the topic of class discussion/lecture, interesting quotes, etc.
-Use an external player (so you can see the time) and note these interesting portions (i.e. ''hr:min:sec'').
-Put your notes on the [[Video Timecode]] page.
Thanks!    --[[User:Kwan Bul|Kwan Bul]] 21:12, 25 September 2006 (EDT)

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