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<BIG>[[Talk:Project_Timecode|Project Timecode!]]</Big>
<BIG>[[Talk:Project_Timecode|Project Timecode!]]</Big>
<BIG>[[Talk:The Video Production Project|Video Production Project]]</Big>
<BIG>[[The Video Production Project|Video Production Project]]</Big>
<BIG>[[Talk:How_To_In_SL|How To in SL]]</Big>
<BIG>[[Talk:How_To_In_SL|How To in SL]]</Big>

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Current Projects


International Copyright Wiki

Discovery Through Error

We learn by our mistakes I make a lot of mistakes -->Therefore, I learn a lot

The TRUTHS Project

TRUTHS is an important idea, expressed in the language of a particular scientific discipline that needs to be better understood by the public, policy makers and scientists working in different fields. How might we use the new media (including Second Life) to clarify a scientific argument?

Project Timecode!

Video Production Project

How To in SL

Course Content Development

Code as Law and Real-Virtual Distinctions

Ident-I-pedia - The Identity Wiki - This wiki is intended to create a knowledge base of identity. The goal of this project is to understand the confines of identity related constructs in law, technology and society for the purpose of finding a better understanding of how our individual liberty can be applied to solve future identity related issues.