Arthur Samuels Scratch Journal Entry

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I was pleasantly surprised by my ability to create anything--literally, anything--in Scratch. I am a definite technophobe, and I was pleased with the fact that I could watch myself learning as my time creating my game went on. I had certain problems that I couldn't figure out--how to make the sprites disappear at the right time, for example--that I ultimately learned how to overcome. It's been a long time since I felt myself learning at such a quick rate; probably not since my first day of law school.

I liked learning from scratch because I didn't feel intimidated or overwhelmed, a feeling I'm very susceptible when technology is involved. I also didn't realize how quickly time went when I was programming. I started around 9:00, and when I finished it was about 1:00. I had no idea that the time had passed so quickly. When I was in college I lived with a bunch of CS majors who would stay up all night coding and I never understood it--certainly I could not stay up all night reading history text. Now I understand it a little.

I might also add that the satisfaction of getting the little sprite to do the thing that you want it to do is pretty awesome.