A CyberOne HLS Student Blogs His Way Nowhere Fast

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While making sure that I am avoiding shameless self-promotion, I figured that I should share my own experiences with Blogging and Journalism through an abbreviated timeline of my blogging career. I started my blog because I was in need of a creative release. I never really imagined that anyone would read it, much less read it and take notice of it. Over the course of the last year, I have touched upon topics involving sports, personal ambition, race issues, family legacies, coming of age, law school life, and a few other points of interest. Around the close of my 2L year, I recieved an unexpected email from the editor of a start-up website, HOFMag.com, who was interested in having me take on a position as a columnist for their internet publication. So now I am apparently considered to be a freelance writer, working alongside old vets like Robert Creamer, Juan Williams, and a host of others. Even more recently, I was tagged by SportsIllustrated.com in a list of Twenty-five Under 25 whose "dream job became a reality." Not sure how they figured that my dream job was blogging or sportswriting, but the free publicity never hurts. At any rate, I just thought that all this would be another cool example of the relationship between Blogs and Journalism. Had this amazing mode of distribution not been available, it's likely that none of this would have ever happened. Not a bad deal for a random collection of ranting and raving...