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[18:30]  Egon Spengler: so do either of you happen to have access to final cut pro, or iMovie?
[18:30]  lIHd Sellery: I have iMovie
[18:30]  You: not at home, church st labs yes
[18:31]  Egon Spengler: ah, I'm lagging :(
[18:31]  lIHd Sellery: umm I think, hold on I thought it came with my mac
[18:31]  You: imovie will have
[18:31]  Egon Spengler: heh
[18:31]  Egon Spengler: I'm going to join you
[18:31]  You: final cut pro is $$
[18:32]  Egon Spengler: Hi David
[18:32]  lIHd Sellery: yeah iMovie HD
[18:32]  David Spaatz: hello
[18:32]  David Spaatz: i have fcp
[18:32]  Egon Spengler: yes, FCP is pricey
[18:32]  You: any objectsions to blender?
[18:32]  Egon Spengler: okay, so KB says that we can use FCP's 'edit decision lists'
[18:32]  Egon Spengler: and that we could feasibly do distributed editing
[18:33]  lIHd Sellery: on and iMac G4 1.33
[18:33]  You: what is distributed editing?
[18:33]  Egon Spengler: you would just need a low-res set of copies of the files
[18:33]  Egon Spengler: let's see
[18:33]  Egon Spengler: how to explain
[18:33]  Egon Spengler: we would put up low-res versions of the video files
[18:33]  You: like a render farm or cluster?
[18:33]  Egon Spengler: and then people could check them out
[18:33]  Egon Spengler: not exactly a farm
[18:34]  Egon Spengler: more like open source programming
[18:34]  Egon Spengler: anyone familiar w/ CVS or SVN?
[18:34]  You: yep, i run forge.abcd.harvard.edu cvs repo for harvard
[18:34]  Egon Spengler: there ya go
[18:34]  lIHd Sellery: no
[18:34]  Egon Spengler: so it's like checking out code
[18:34]  lIHd Sellery: not sure what those acronyms stand for though
[18:34]  Egon Spengler: and FCP will keep track of exactly what you do
[18:34]  Egon Spengler: like a macro
[18:35]  Egon Spengler: CVS is an open source code management system
[18:35]  You: and u can switch between the edits on the fly?
[18:35]  Egon Spengler: it allows people to check out code and then turn in edits (aka patches)
[18:35]  You: in what client? quicktime?
[18:35]  Egon Spengler: it only works in FCP
[18:36]  Egon Spengler: so you get all the files in the right folders, then you run the 'edit decision list' EDL
[18:36]  Egon Spengler: and final cut pro will reconstruct the edited version
[18:37]  Egon Spengler: so you guys use low-res versions, and then we get your EDL and swap in broadcast quality stuff
[18:37]  Egon Spengler: it makes distributing the editing process feasible, while still not loosing any quality on the video files
[18:37]  Egon Spengler: so what's not making sense to who?
[18:37]  You: whats in our edits?
[18:38]  lIHd Sellery: soundsgood but if we dn't have final cut pro we can't [articipate?
[18:38]  Egon Spengler: basically, we'd like to make 'distilled' versions of the lectures
[18:38]  Egon Spengler: something like a 20-35 minute highlight video that has just the most interesting stuff from each class
[18:38]  Egon Spengler: can be any length, really
[18:39]  David Spaatz: cut in ppt slides
[18:39]  lIHd Sellery: how about inserting versions with different angles and integrating the powerpoints presentation onto the video?
[18:39]  Egon Spengler: IlHd, yes, for the EDL stuff, you need FCP
[18:39]  lIHd Sellery: deavid, exactly
[18:39]  Egon Spengler: however, the things you mentioned would not require FCP
[18:39]  lIHd Sellery: hmm well that may be a problem on my end.
[18:40]  lIHd Sellery: okay, I think I follow.
[18:40]  Egon Spengler: yes, that's the other thing
[18:40]  Egon Spengler: these edits would have access to 2 other camera angles
[18:40]  David Spaatz: sweet
[18:40]  You: lets say 3 video files
[18:40]  You: 1 ordinary lecture
[18:40]  You: 2 alternate camera
[18:40]  You: 3 ppt
[18:40]  David Spaatz: w/ cutaways and close ups they will be great
[18:41]  David Spaatz: sound tracks?
[18:41]  Egon Spengler: so KB says that there is a way that people with iMovie can participate in the editing
[18:41]  Egon Spengler: sure, sky's the limit, as long as we use stuff that can be released as CC
[18:41]  Egon Spengler: so sound, photos, music, whatever
[18:41]  lIHd Sellery: is anyone else seeing dancing white lights in front of us?
[18:41]  David Spaatz: do we have solid sound tracks or one track
[18:42]  David Spaatz: independent?
[18:42]  You: i'd prfere to just mono the stereo
[18:42]  Egon Spengler: well, the other 2 cams have mics
[18:42]  David Spaatz: but raw, are they seperate tracks
[18:42]  Egon Spengler: but we'll want to just use the ext. cam
[18:42]  Egon Spengler: and we do need to mix down to mono
[18:43]  Egon Spengler: I didn't know about the tracks being different, so I wasn't mixing down, but now I am (for the lecture .mp4s)
[18:43]  David Spaatz: do the 2 and 3 cams have their own tracks?
[18:44]  Egon Spengler: yeah, but they probably aren't as good
[18:44]  You: the end result is an mp4
[18:44]  David Spaatz: we can normalize when edited
[18:44]  Egon Spengler: yes, that's what I've been putting up
[18:44]  Egon Spengler: yeah, that'd be good too
[18:44]  Egon Spengler: to level out the audio
[18:44]  Egon Spengler: so which of you are in cambridge?
[18:44]  You: v tight timeline
[18:44]  You: me
[18:45]  David Spaatz: Tampa
[18:45]  lIHd Sellery: I'm in North Carolina.
[18:45]  Egon Spengler: okay, you can use one of the Berkman computers to edit
[18:45]  Egon Spengler: no need for EDL, unless you can't get onto campus to edit
[18:45]  Egon Spengler: David, do you have access to iMovie or FCP?
[18:45]  You: depends on timeline
[18:45]  David Spaatz: fcp pro
[18:46]  Egon Spengler: it's basically whenever you have time
[18:46]  Egon Spengler: David, iMovie?
[18:46]  David Spaatz: Final Cut Pro HD
[18:46]  Egon Spengler: cool, so I think that KB would like everyone to put themselves in the wiki
[18:47]  David Spaatz: I am thre under the At Large Part. List @ main page
[18:47]  Egon Spengler: as either 'has access to FCP' 'has access to iMovie' or 'has access to PC'
[18:47]  Egon Spengler: okay
[18:47]  Egon Spengler: Hello Eon and Mobile
[18:47]  Mobile Widget: hi Egon
[18:47]  lIHd Sellery: I am there under at-large as well
[18:47]  Mobile Widget: :)
[18:48]  You: http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/cyberone/wiki/The_Video_Production_Project
[18:48]  Egon Spengler: thanks
[18:48]  David Spaatz: hello eon
[18:48]  Eon Berkman: hey
[18:48]  Egon Spengler: so can someone put some space in for those catagories?
[18:48]  Egon Spengler: and then we can all put ourselves into the proper slots
[18:48]  USA Brody is Online
[18:48]  You: participants on wiki
[18:48]  Egon Spengler: KB says he needs a way to get in touch with you (probably by e.mail)
[18:49]  Egon Spengler: I can give you his address, if you'd like
[18:49]  Egon Spengler: and you can send him a message w/ your info
[18:49]  lIHd Sellery: [redacted] or my gmail is on the site
[18:49]  Mobile Widget: I missed some of this meefing... and was wondering where things are at. :)
[18:50]  Egon Spengler: MW, can we give you a chat transcript?
[18:50]  Mobile Widget: that would be awesome
[18:50]  You: can someone post the chat transcript to the wiki (minus email addresses)
[18:50]  David Spaatz: kb address?
[18:50]  Egon Spengler: does someone have a sec to do that?
[18:50]  Egon Spengler: Kwan Bul [redacted]
[18:50]  Egon Spengler: there's KB
[18:50]  Mobile Widget is Online
[18:51]  Egon Spengler: okay, I think we should make a spot on the project page for participants
[18:52]  You: its there ego
[18:52]  Egon Spengler: okay, I just made it a bit more clear
[18:52]  Egon Spengler: http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/cyberone/wiki/The_Video_Production_Project#Participants_2
[18:53]  Egon Spengler: so as long as your contact info is in your userpage, KB should be able to get in touch with you
[18:53]  Egon Spengler: he says that he has some ideas
[18:53]  Egon Spengler: he was trying to get in, tonight, but the lab didn't have SL, etc.
[18:54]  Egon Spengler: so I suppose I don't have that much more for this session
[18:54]  You: just posted the chat log from austin hall
[18:54]  Mobile Widget: are these videos going to be Real Media or Quicktime?
[18:54]  You: need to turn off wikification
[18:54]  Egon Spengler: I think Quicktime
[18:54]  Mobile Widget: I have experience making quicktime SMIL presentations... adn was wondering if we would be able to use the existing mpeg4 videos from the course
[18:55]  Egon Spengler: you're welcome to use them, but I think it'd be better to put your work into the higher quality stuff that we're all thinking of doing
[18:55]  David Spaatz: yes
[18:55]  Mobile Widget: sure thing
[18:56]  Mobile Widget: :)
[18:56]  Egon Spengler: Does anyone have any more ideas or concerns?
[18:57]  Egon Spengler: I'm still not 100% sure whay KB has in mind, but I know he's VERY excited that you are all interested in this project
[18:57]  David Spaatz: cool
[18:57]  lIHd Sellery: well I'm eager to help but I'm not as experienced as any of you are and I'm wondering how I will best be able to help?
[18:58]  Egon Spengler: do any of you guys have any ideas?
[18:58]  Egon Spengler: one thing I know for sure is that timecode queues help a LOT
[18:59]  Egon Spengler: so if you're watching the video, and don't mind noting when there is something interesting or pertinent
[18:59]  Mobile Widget: are ther timecode quees available?
[18:59]  Egon Spengler: jot down the time that it happens
[18:59]  lIHd Sellery: is that how we we enter places where certain slides should be inserted?
[18:59]  Mobile Widget: is anyone in the Extension classes?
[18:59]  Egon Spengler: slides could be, but more importantly anything interesting
[19:00]  Eon Berkman: i am totally excited about this project
[19:00]  Egon Spengler: a good quote or change in topic
[19:00]  Egon Spengler: http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/cyberone/wiki/Video_Timecode
[19:00]  Egon Spengler: it will help everyone who is editing find good stuff to concentrate on
[19:00]  Egon Spengler: it's something that I wish we had more people doing
[19:01]  lIHd Sellery: gotcha thanks
[19:01]  Egon Spengler: but I know that it isn't immidiately apparent...
[19:01]  Eon Berkman: the idea of an at large group contributing to making the course more accessible is just what becca and i have hoped for
[19:01]  Egon Spengler: yes, so I know that you guys had thrown some ideas up on the wiki
[19:01]  Egon Spengler: sound, subtitles, etc
[19:02]  Egon Spengler: just to let you know, the sound is something we're continually working on
[19:02]  Aphilo Aarde: I've started to take notes with time code. I'll post them.
[19:02]  Egon Spengler: aphilo, that's awesome
[19:02]  lIHd Sellery: from what I can tell on the time code page there is no one noting when slides come up or are replaced, correct?
[19:02]  Egon Spengler: yes, that's right
[19:03]  Egon Spengler: people haven't really been taking notes and putting them into the timecode...
[19:03]  lIHd Sellery: that will make it hard to insert the powerpoints into the first lectures then
[19:03]  David Spaatz: we can get cues from the lecture
[19:03]  Egon Spengler: well, you can alway
[19:03]  Egon Spengler: yeah, that's what I was going to say
[19:03]  Mobile Widget: does the Extension school video (online) have the presentations included?
[19:03]  lIHd Sellery: I remember prof Nesson indicating that there was a lighting problem that prevented them from showing up on the video.
[19:04]  Mobile Widget: if they do - I wonder if someone has the timecodes
[19:04]  Egon Spengler: I believe so, but I'm not sure if we're taking advantage of that
[19:04]  Mobile Widget: right
[19:04]  Egon Spengler: the Ext school releases video in realplayer format
[19:04]  Egon Spengler: and they have macros that they can sync slides with
[19:05]  Egon Spengler: but it's all sort of messy and highly proprietary
[19:05]  Egon Spengler: as far as sound goes, we're maxing out our little mixer
[19:05]  David Spaatz: we could use the PPT itself, capture image and insert
[19:05]  Mobile Widget: I have been involved in a course at the extension school... and we were keeping track with a stopwatch and pencil
[19:05]  Mobile Widget: :)
[19:05]  Egon Spengler: and when we've tried to add more wireless mics, it's been screwing up for some reason
[19:06]  Egon Spengler: interference or something??
[19:06]  Egon Spengler: David, I think that's the best
[19:06]  Egon Spengler: we just need to get people to put their slides up
[19:06]  Egon Spengler: (prof. nesson included, I think)
[19:06]  Egon Spengler: I can remind people to post them on the wiki
[19:06]  GeneKoo Li: There's software out there that allows you to piece ppt and sound together (but very expensive)
[19:07]  David Spaatz: static shotgun mics? initial $
[19:07]  lIHd Sellery: has anyone in the class discussed a irc backchannel projector setup or does that add an unnecessary level of complexity?
[19:07]  GeneKoo Li: don't think there's equivalent for video yet, maybe we have ourselves a business idea ;)
[19:07]  Egon Spengler: Sellery, not sure exactly what you mean by projector setup
[19:07]  GeneKoo Li: backchannel would only work for the HLS student yes?
[19:07]  Egon Spengler: you mean IRC behind the professor on a screen?
[19:07]  GeneKoo Li: otherwise the video's not live, wouldn't really let viewers participate
[19:08]  GeneKoo Li: unless I missed part of the conversation (foot in mouth?)
[19:08]  lIHd Sellery: well projecting a back channel irc discussion alongside the ppt presentation.
[19:08]  Egon Spengler: ah, I don't think we have 2 projectors
[19:08]  GeneKoo Li: heh, that would force the students to stop surfing in class and participate :)
[19:08]  lIHd Sellery: not vor the at-large or extension students but fot the HLS students
[19:08]  David Spaatz: start simple and acheive quality for info transfer to broader audience
[19:09]  Egon Spengler: David, I agree
[19:09]  Egon Spengler: I think we just want some good and simple videos, to begin with
[19:09]  lIHd Sellery: possibly, but the value of hls comentary and synthesis could be very interesting for the other participants
[19:09]  lIHd Sellery: I agree kiss
[19:09]  lIHd Sellery: and by that I mean keep it simple
[19:09]  Egon Spengler: we can always add to the videos
[19:09]  lIHd Sellery: not a romantic overture ;)