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  • 1:30 - Rodica begins talking
    • Has a job where she brings real life companies into Second Life
    • Started out working with Asperger's patients
  • 1:33 - Gene starts talking
    • 1/3 of the students raise their hands when asked if they have been in an online world before
    • Being with other people online
    • Societies, economies, law and governance in virtual worlds.
    • Code as law in games--much more serious than on the internet
  • 1:40 - Talking about verifying identities on SL

Analogy for Virtual Worlds

  • Comparison to immigration
      • Are the motivations of immigration from country to country different from immigration to virtual worlds?
      • Chinese gold farmers! - exporting labor
      • How is it different from just recreational activities?
        • Investment as LIFE. Beyond activity.
    • Better analogy: joining a religious community? Non-market based.
    • Dual citizenship?
    • 1:50 - KB takes magic mushrooms
      • Virtual worlds as hallucinations
      • 1:51 - Charlie Nesson has never taken drugs. For the record.
      • 1:53 - Art also has not taken drugs.


    • What is reality?
      • World of Warcraft funeral in-world--got slaughtered by another clan: real or not real?
    • Steve: We are beings because we relate to and are situated to the others that we encounter?
      • Virtual worlds allow us to be related to other people.
      • Everything is just a phenomenon that is appearing to me, I choose how I interact with it.


  • Linden Labs are Gods in SL
    • Rodica is a demigod

Second Life - Closed??

  • LindenLab as benevolent dictators in the space
    • Linden Lab gives you certain property rights
  • Open Source alternatives - Metaverse project
    • How would internet governance work?
  • Bill of rights for virtual world players
    • Companies don't want it
    • Players would rather have dictatorship than democracy--prefer having everything functioning than having complete control
      • 2:21 - Killing orcs vs. debating bill.
  • Second Life as next evolution of web?
    • But the web has standards that are debated...in virtual worlds, too?

VW Economies

  • 2:22 - How VW economies work
    • Political dictatorship and economy is open--like China?
  • 2:25 - American Apparel and other companies opening shop in SL]
    • Translating real life into virtual space is going to stick around
  • Product placement in SL
    • Brands interacting rather than just advertising to customers
  • 2:31 - Critique of Second Life by Ethan Zuckerman

Education in Virtual Worlds

  • 2:34 - Education in virtual worlds
  • Teaching in SecondLife
  • 2:35 - Introduction of William James (USA Brody)
  • Bringing up kids in the future, making sure they can distinguish real from virtual
    • 2:40 - Would you teach your kids about Santa Claus?
    • Tuning kids in to being sophisticated consumers of virtual reality and real reality
  • 2:42 - What is real about this space?
    • Bits vs. matter?
    • Why assign label of real or not real?
  • 2:43 - How many layers of illusion are there from your reality
    • Real life as one layer, then Second Life as a second level
    • 2:44 - "I come from Colombia, where we produce all these drugs that you don't take"