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  • Fear of tendentiousness
    • Fear of bias towards openness
    • Charlie believes in necessity of balance between openness and closedness.
      • Engines of for-profit production uses closed environments
      • Counter: Linux, Apache, Creative Commons
    • 1:24 - Charlie's story about standing up on tables
  • Fear of learning from scratch
    • 1:33 - Charlie: "LITTLE LAMB WHERE ARE YOU??"
  • Fear of incoherence
    • Fear of things not fitting in
    • Understanding logic from (s)Scratch

Empathic Advocacy

  • contrasted with oppositional advocacy
    • Ex. Bush/Chaves, Chomsky/Dershowitz
  • What is Empathic argument?
    • Starts with the idea of interpretative stance
    • Starts with forming your identity and sense of how the world works
      • Sending out stimuli and making a grid of the responses
  • Daniel Gilbert - He hit me vs. He hit me first vs. But he hit me harder
    • Our pains and reasons are more palpable, obvious, and real than are the reasons and pains of others
    • Leads to the escalation of mutual harm, to the illusion that others are solely responsible for it
    • People focus on their provocations and their words, not the responses of others
      • Shocks--if people give each other the same shocks, they underestimate the power of their shock and overestimate the power of the other's shocks
      • Cognitive dissonance
      • Our brains function to rationalize our feelings
  • 2:00 - Trying to look at the Rodney King case from other point of view
  • Rodney King
    • Video tape as potentially biased piece of information?