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Ms. Nesson forgot how to make a sandwich.


Sandwich was made. There was much rejoicing.


Lecture on Scratch Programming Language

- What is programming?

§ Programming is about giving instructions so that the device will execute a task

□ Language has to be something the device will understand

□ Instructions must be explicit

- Instructions

§ Developed from basic 0's and 1's

§ There exists a hierarchy of instructions

- Scratch

§ Built at MIT Media Lab

§ High level language built in box

§ Issue: You have an intuitive sense of how to do a task

§ Want programming to be elegant and efficient

□ Algorithms - log (fast) and n (slow) types


- Getting Started with Pong

- The way scratch works

§ Different types of instructions

□ Motion, Looks, Sound, Pen, Control, Sensing, Numbers, Variables

- Hello, world!

- Basic building block

§ Statements

2:01 - 2:06 Break

- How to get Scratch

§ Link off of course website on sidebar - not for public consumption

- Thoughts on Sharing

§ What is authorship?

§ Honoring the requests of authors

§ Making yourself a voice requires identity

- Biggest question at issue

§ Are we capable of governing ourselves?

□ Dave Clark, one of original architects of the internet

□ "Rough consensus"

- How to write a program

§ Boolean Expressions

□ In scratch they have "pointy corners"

□ Has a T or F answer

§ Conditions

□ If

□ If, else

□ Nested Ifs

§ Loops

□ Forever

□ Repeat n times

§ Variables

§ Moving

§ Sprites

□ Objects, can have different scripts

□ Can wear different costumes