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assimilative capacity It is very important to improve an assimilating capacity because the world climate is dangerously changed day-by-day because of the uncontrolled waste we produce in our day-to-day activities. This uncontrolled waste can affect our environmental ecosystem that results in global warming, natural disasters, tsunamis, damage in the ozone layer and many other natural collapses which occur frequently in the recent year. If we continuously produce this waste in an uncontrolled way and without considering the impact on the environmental ecosystem, the environment will become unable to live very soon. So we must be considered the fact that how can we remain the pollution at the minimal level? Here we can take help from the technology and by using the technology we can control or reduce pollution that is helpful for the environment to improve their waste metabolizing capacity in a natural way which we have called the assimilating capacity. Now we are discussing some technology that plays a vital role for improving the assimilating capacity.