Is it possible to fix the breakdown of household appliances on your own

From Cyberlaw: Difficult Issues Winter 2010
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The appliance repair requires in most cases special skills and equipment. It is possible to eliminate minor malfunctions at home only if you strictly follow the instructions and recommendations. In our blog you can find detailed articles on how to detect and fix various kinds of breakdowns. But, it should be remembered that contacting a service center with professionals in their field will be several times more effective.

This is due to several reasons:

Independently, without the use of special equipment, it is simply impossible to name the exact cause of the breakdown in most cases. For this purpose, the masters of the service center carry out a full range of diagnostic work. Some breakdowns are hidden in nature - they can be detected only if the equipment is completely disassembled. At home, this will be difficult to do. Repair of household appliances requires the replacement of certain parts. Only a master with many years of experience will be able to pick up the necessary spare parts. During equipment diagnostics, service center masters quite often find minor malfunctions, which in the future could cause either more serious breakdowns or a complete failure of household appliances.