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It's summer! The rise in temperature is noticeable not only for people, but also for dogs. Have you ever wondered how to help your pet get through this hot season comfortably? I want to tell you how the best cooling mat for dogs works!

The cooling pad is an excellent  source of refreshing coolness for our dogs when it is very hot outside . Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat and can only lower their body temperature through the pads of their paws or through deep breathing with their tongue hanging out.

The cooling  pad is very easy to use. The mat contains a special gel inside that is  activated by the pressure of the animal's weight on the mat  when she sits or lies on it, providing a cooling effect that lowers body temperature.

This reliable and safe mat does not require an electrical connection, or refrigeration or ice water. It simply  automatically recharges after a short break in use . As a result, even if you are at the beach or by the pool, the mat keeps your dog comfortable and fresh. Thus, the mat is able to maintain a temperature of 10°C lower than the ambient temperature for 3-4 hours, provided that it is used continuously.

The advantage of a cooling mat is that it is  thin and foldable . You can take it with you and even, if necessary, place it in a carrier. This rug is the perfect solution for long trips. Having used it once, you and your pet will no longer be able to imagine life without it in the summer!

A cooling mat is an important element for your dog's comfortable life on hot days, for which he will be very grateful. But! I would like to clarify that the mat does not protect the dog from exposure to direct sunlight, so you must always place the dog in the shade!