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There are many reasons why gamers prefer PC gaming, from the increased gaming power to the stunning graphics, to the ability to upgrade and enhance their gaming experience over time. If you are new to the world of PC gaming, you may find yourself up against a baffling array of new terminology and things you have never had to think about before when gaming on a plug and play console setup.

There have been huge developments in gaming tech in the past decade, and things continue to move quickly in the sector. This is part of why PC gaming is becoming more popular every year: Pcs can be upgraded and improved faster than console manufacturers improve their offerings, meaning that PC gamers tend to get the best and most current gaming experiences.

Where to buy games for your PC or laptop

Most PCs and laptops do not have disc drives, and therefore most games are downloaded either from a browser or by redeeming a code online. Most games online can be found in the Steam store, so you will need to set up an account there before you start browsing for games you might like to play. You will also need to install Steam to your PC or laptop in order to access your library and launch games.

While Steam is probably the most popular place to buy games, you can also buy games directly from the makers, such as Blizzard, Ubisoft and Bethesda depending on what you are looking for. Online game stores also sell games for PC as access codes which can be redeemed online in order to access a download of your chosen game.

Choose a gaming PC or laptop

There are hundreds of different laptops and PCs to choose from, all of which have different specs, looks and sizes. If you prefer to game on the move then you will need to choose a gaming laptop, but it is important to bear in mind that a gaming laptop will run more expensive than a PC with the same spec. If possible, try to allocate more money to your gaming laptop budget than you would if you were opting for a PC, and always choose the highest spec laptop you can afford.

If you don’t need to take your gaming away with you then a PC will more than likely be your best choice, especially if you have a dedicated space for it such as a desk or computer table. Gaming PCs can run large, so make sure your space is big enough to accommodate your chosen PC. If you are choosing a PC then you will need to allocate a budget for a gaming monitor to go with it.

It can be very easy to bump up the cost of your set up when choosing a monitor, and some top of the range models can be thousands of pounds to buy new. It can be tempting to go for a large, impressive monitor, but it is more important to choose the right size based on how far from the monitor you will be seated. If you will be relatively close then you will benefit from choosing a smaller monitor. Those who will be seated further away can choose a larger monitor for the best and most comfortable gaming experience.

There are other accessories that can enhance your gaming experience whether you are playing on a PC or a laptop. An external keyboard and mouse are a must if you are playing desktop, and they can also make laptop gaming much easier and much more comfortable, giving you much more control over your game than a trackpad can, and allowing you to find a more comfortable seating position.

Make sure your internet connection is good enough

If you will be playing online you will need to make sure your internet connection is good enough to handle the minimum requirements of the game. The last thing you will want is for lag to cause you to miss out on the action, so you should test your connection semi- frequently to make sure you are not losing out on performance. An ethernet cable connection tends to be faster and more reliable than wi-fi, so consider choosing wired connection when gaming.