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The use of proxy servers is very popular nowadays. First of all, proxy servers serve to hide or change your IP address when accessing any network resource. There can be quite a few reasons to do this, consider the most commonly used ones. If you still don't know what a proxy is, read about it on the site Best-Proxies.Ru, it tells about it in great detail.

Bypass blocking. Using a proxy server, you can access an Internet site that cannot be directly accessed due to any network problems or blocking, for example, if the user's IP address, or even all IPs of his country of residence, are blocked on a remote resource, or access to the site is prohibited by the ISP. For example, in China, access to some Internet services popular in Russia, such as Instagram, Gmail, Twitter, etc. is blocked. However, users of China can access them using proxies located outside of China, for example, proxies from the Russian Federation.

Anonymization. Anonymous, elite, and spoofing proxies are used for anonymous web surfing, forums, email, and instant messaging without revealing the client's real IP.

Checking access to your site from different geolocations. Using proxy servers, you can connect to your site to check its availability from different countries of the world (Internet providers, networks) in order to detect network problems or online blocking.

Access to a resource that has a limit on the number of connections per unit of time. Some file sharing services have a limit on the number of downloads from one IP address per unit of time. Considering that many users have dynamic IP addresses, it can happen that someone who previously occupied the IP address given to you has reached the download limit on the service. In such a situation, the use of a proxy will help. Similarly, proxies will help solve the problem of accessing services that have a limit on the number of requests per unit of time.

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