What Is It Like to Live in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong was once a small area, densely covered in rainforest and home to small towns and fishing villages. Over the years it has also been the location of military bases, which are now largely disbanded in the area. Hong Kong today is a city state which has developed a unique personality which makes it a highly desirable place to live for many expats with their sights set on South East Asia. As well as a thriving expat population, Hong Kong is populated with natives who live and work in this thriving and exciting place.

There are plenty of things to love about living in Hong Kong, but as with everywhere else there are also some downsides that you should think about before planning to move here. If you speak to anyone who lives in Hong Kong, whether they are expats or natives, you will hear some excellent reasons why life here is so appealing.


If you are a foodie, then there is plenty to tantalise in Hong Kong. Known as a cultural melting pot, Hong Kong is home to people from all corners of the globe who have brought with them the unique flavours of their homelands and cultures. Chinese dishes can be found on almost every street and there are a huge number of restaurants to choose from as well as seeking out some of the Chinese street food that the area is famous for.

In addition to delicious Chinese food, fusion cuisines and other national foods are also incredibly popular and easy to find in Hong Kong. Whether you are craving Italian, Mexican, Indian, Thai, or pretty much any cuisine or fusion combination can be found. This is the place where the tastemakers thrive, and they flock to Hong Kong to set up shop and bring new and exciting menus to the people.

While the general cost of living in Hong Kong is high, thanks to the high demand for Hong Kong property, you can eat out at restaurants and cafes very cheaply. It is not uncommon for small apartments to lack the kitchen space or appliances for home cooked food to be possible, so eating out is a necessity for many people. Those in the know can find a delicious complete meal for about $4 USD.


Hong Kong is blessed with some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the world. While much of the area has been given over to building developments, there are still plenty of absolutely beautiful natural areas to explore. Natural rainforests teeming with wildlife butt up against gleaming high rises, giving you the perfect place to head off into the forest for hikes in your free time. On Hong Kong Island you can explore Victoria Peak, which is one of the most recognisable natural landmarks in the area. There are also a lot of public parks which are tranquil and beautiful oases in the city.

Hong Kong is roughly 1000 square kilometers in size, and around three quarters of it is stunning countryside. When most people think of Hong Kong, they think of a bustling place where old buildings nestle amongst gleaming towers and business districts, but it is actually mostly rural or completely wild. 40% of the city state is given over to national parks, which are free for the public to explore.

The costs of living in Hong Kong

There is no way around it, Hong Kong is simply one of the most expensive places to live in the world, and this is mostly down to a fierce property market. Finding somewhere to live in Hong Kong is one of the biggest challenges that native residents and expats face. There are high levels of competition and every property listing is likely to receive hundreds of applications.

If you do manage to secure a property, you can expect the rates to be more expensive than those of New York City, and properties tend to be very compact. Having said this, the costs of food and drink are quite reasonable, and there is a range of options to suit all budgets. Wages tend to be high too, and this makes life in Hong Kong much more manageable.