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== [http://www.mcj-law.com workers compensation lawyers Athens] ==
== [http://www.mcj-law.com workers compensation lawyers Athens] ==
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== metal fabrication ==
== metal fabrication ==

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workers compensation lawyers Athens

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Apple begins testing foldable display panels for iPhone and iPad

Apple has reportedly started testing and developing foldable display panels for the iPhone and iPad.

The news was first reported by South Korean media The Elec which stated that the display panel would not have a polarizer coating as used in some current folding screen phones.

Quoted from GSM Arena, Wednesday, the same polarizer-free screen technology used by Samsung in the Galaxy Z Fold3 and its Eco OLED screen.

Apple is considering a similar approach for its own foldable device.

The removal of the polarizer layer allows for a thinner foldable display even at the expense of peak visibility and brightness.

Manufacturers are being forced to increase screen power consumption in an attempt to increase brightness as a result of negatively impacting the longevity of the foldable panel so it will be interesting to see how Apple handles this issue.

Regarding the plan for a foldable smartphone from Apple, it seems that Apple fans still have years away.

Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo estimates that the foldable phone may be released in three years from 2025.

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