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Changes to the PMP certification exam PMP was recently updated (2nd January 2021) and while the difficulty level is essentially comparable to the former PMP Exam you will need to know what to expect in terms of your planning. Here we show you how to balance your work, family life during PMP preparation and how to use pmp exam pdf dumps, to help you attain success!

Step 1: Checking if you can take the exam yet Before you do anything, you need to check if you can take the PMP certification exam. To take the exam you will need to prove the following; •Proof of a degree (3 years or more) or 4,500 hours equivalency in project management experience. •Proof of graduating high school (5 years or more) or at least 7500 hours of project management experience. •35 hours of formal project management training. This may be from your college or University project management education. Project management lectures or exam preparation courses or boot camps. Online project management or exam preparation courses. Once you know you are eligible for the PMP exam you will need to collect the relevant proof that you have made the grade. •A High school or college diploma. •A document displaying 35 contact hours. •Project management certificates or references stating the time worked over the period.

Step 2: Gather learning resources and take an exam preparation course To get course materials quickly and easily including audio files take a look into a pmp exam pdf dumps. These provide an excellent collection of resources without needing to do anything but study them. The course provides; 1. Theory training that is aligned to PMBOK requirements. 2. 35 professional development units (PDUs) are included. 3. Provide Project Management Institute (PMI) backing. 4. Learning through certified instructors. 5. Provision of training media that you can access from anywhere.

Step 3: Gain PMI Membership By joining the PMI, membership can offer useful benefits such as discounts and other offerings. Specifically, for PMP certification, you can get a discount on the course that equates to approximately the same as the cost of PMI membership; making sense to join the PMI before applying for the exam.

Step 4: PMP Examination and Scheduling It is highly recommended to apply for the exam as early as possible to plan your exam date and base your revision around it; allowing you to plan your life and give you a push that helps you go. After successfully passing the PMP application you will be able to book the exam online. Try do this earlier rather than later as it will help keep you motivated.

Step 5: Prepare for the Exam All in all, you are looking at around seven weeks of studying while balancing professional and family life. Make a pattern that you will observe every day and do not skip a day, if you are skipping either redefine your motivation or redefine your allotted time. Some people find reading through the learning materials first helpful and then trying some mock exams. This then allows them to try and recap areas they had difficulty with. Only you will know how well you did and, here go through everything that wasn’t correct and mitigate this should it arise.

Step 6: The Big Day Hopefully after 4 hours you will be awarded PMP! Congratulations! If you need to retake it do, it but make sure you know where you fell down and cover any gaps prior to a retake.

Summary The PMP is difficult and for good reason, there are so many things that can go wrong on a project. Getting a certificate is one thing, but completing a project successfully is another. You should desire to learn the training material inside out, not just for the certification but also for the knowledge. Get PMP exam pdf dumps that provide everything you need include audio files and other associated media all in one place; making it easy for you to just study.