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How to Write a Book and Get It Published

My first suggestion is to start a book. You know what it is in your heart. How long have you been thinking about it? And you still haven't written it down!

If you are looking to write fiction, nonfiction, a mystery, a story, or an autobiography, there is no need to worry about editing, spelling mistakes, or any other details. Write your book. Get it in your keypad. Just keep at it. If you don't get it done, it will not be finished. Or maybe you won't, but at the very least you tried. click for more info

The first thing you should do is decide if it's worth hiring someone to help you write it.

Notes! Always carry a notebook and keep track of your notes. A quiet area to write is the spare bedroom, your study, the conservatory or the garage. This can be used when you are on the train, in a car, waiting for a bus, and even in the garden shed. Anywhere you can be away from children, family, friends and other distractions. This is because it never knows when you're going to have great ideas so you need not be distracted. To jot down the ideas you discover in a book, bring a notepad.

Writing time should be at most two hours per week. Each Monday or Friday, tell yourself: "I'll write...the kids are at school...perfect!" Every Monday from 10am-12noon, I'll start writing. I'll be able to focus if I sit down. Even if that doesn't work for your particular situation, that's fine! You're supposed to enjoy writing. It is healthy, fun, and stress-relieving. If it works then it's a success. It might not work but don't lose heart. your book

Some people may try to write more but are too busy to do it. The idea of setting aside two hours a day somewhere quiet might work for some people. However, for others it may not be possible to travel for five days or more and simply write. They will take their computer, but leave the internet disabled and their phone at home. That's all there is to it! They just sit and write.

I've seen people create a complete book in just five working days. They sat in front their computers and wrote their books. It is up to you to decide how you do it. The job will be done once and the pay can last for a lifetime so it's worthwhile to put in the effort. Find the one that works for you by trying both of these strategies.