Induction cooker

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INDUCTION COOKER Posted at 09:46h in Blog by zhou, Ava 0 Comments From: An induction cooker is also known as an induction stove, the first home induction cooker was born in Germany in 1957. 1972, the United States began to produce induction cookers, in the early 1980s in Europe, America and Japan began to sell induction cookers.

The principle of induction is the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, that is, the use of alternating current through the coil to generate a constantly changing direction of the alternating magnetic field, it is in the alternating magnetic field of the conductor's internal that appear vortex current (the reason can be referred to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction), which is the vortex electric field to promote the conductor in the carrier (the pot is the electron and never iron atoms) movement; Joule heat effect of the vortex current to warm up the conductor, so as to achieve heating.

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