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Some of the special sciences for the second grade, the middle of the second half

First: Consolidating the educated woman’s faith in God Almighty, and introducing her to the wonderful creation of God and the splendor of beauty, accuracy and coordination that indicate the power and greatness of the Creator, the Mighty and Sublime.

Second: Providing the learner with the appropriate amount of scientific facts and concepts that help them to understand and explain natural phenomena and realize the services that science provides to man in terms of facilitating his life and enabling him to make good use of them.

Third: Planting the seeds of the scientific method in the learner’s psyche by developing a tendency to research, observe, observe, explore, experiment, compare, conclude, analyze information, verify its validity, and dare to question, know its origins and etiquette, express an opinion, and know its limits.

Fourth: Knowing the environment, understanding its important phenomena, and harnessing science to reform, develop and preserve it.

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Fifth: Expanding the horizons of the educated woman by getting to know the natural resources and wealth of her homeland and introducing him to God's blessings on him and his country so that they can better use and benefit from them.

Sixth: Taking care of the applied aspects of science by providing the learner with the opportunity to do experiments and tests and enabling them to acquire manual skills and practical experience.

Seventh: Introducing the educated woman to health rules, accustoming her to sound habits, establishing them and introducing her to the role that good health plays in human life.

Eighth: Appreciating the efforts of Muslim scholars and highlighting their role in developing science, advancing civilization, and achieving human well-being and progress.

Ninth: Paying attention to global achievements in the fields of science, showing that the progress of science is a fruit of the efforts of humanity in general, and encouraging the learner to learn about the history of thought and science.

Tenth: Developing the learner's love for reading and useful scientific reading, accustoming her to using references and encouraging her to write scientifically and to practice hobbies and activities related to the sciences she studies and learns.

Source : <a href="">علوم اول ابتدائى</a>