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Anatomy Master Class

I love Anatomy Master Class! In this online video course, I learn human anatomy for artists and how to draw figures and portraits in a realistic manner with the full knowledge of the human body's anatomy and proportions. In 25 video lessons about human anatomy for artists, I have learned more than during 4 years at the art college. In the Anatomy Master Class, I receive personal support from the course teachers and have a lifetime membership. This is a great course where I discovered all I need to know about anatomy in one place; I learned human anatomy in the fast and easy way, having a lifetime access to video lessons and bonuses. In the anatomy course video lessons, I only get what is essential for an artist without unnecessary Latin names to memorize. This is a great course because it gives all the information about classical proportions of a human body, head and face, skeletal anatomy, muscle anatomy, figurative drawing step-by-step, how to draw human figures from memory and imagination, and how to draw realistic portraits. To see what this online master class is about check out