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We are growing every day in the realm of technology. Technology is everywhere, whether it's pressing the push of a button to run an electric fan or creating an enormous spacecraft. The same is true for the way technology is being seen in the reading of news and updating. The days of people would have to wait for news, watch television or read the newspaper. The advent of Internet has resulted in the most up-to-date news websites that offer a broad range of information on an issue. Online readers also have numerous advantages over offline readers.

About Watan News has been published in the United States since 1991 by Watan News LLC, and its slogan is out of tune. Breaking news, politics, culture, art.

Centuries ago there were many conflicts and wars.

After the initial war in Iraq in 1990 and its aftermath, Nezam Mahdawi, Palestinian journalist, launched his newspaper. It conveys truth to all without fear from the local or international governments.

Nezam Mahdawi created Watan news after he immigrated from Pakistan to the USA where press freedom was guaranteed under its laws.

The newspaper's first publication was published in Washington, March 1991. It was funded through small advertisements by Arab shop owners.

Watan news was transferred to California in 1994. It became a weekly newspaper. The publication was well-received and distributed throughout the United States.

Watannews LLC launched the first Arab news website in 1996. This was to make it easier for everyone to access the Arab reader all over the world, Watannews.

Watan News, which was established in 1998, has suffered from the flood of ads. Its existence is due to a boycott campaign, which many Arab embassies were part of. The KSA blocked Watan News' site in 1998 after it reported news that their media didn't dare address.

All of these factors made us stronger and even more successful. Watan News began to be published in two editions per week, both electronic and printed.

Watan's website continues to be affected by an electronic attack designed at blocking the website and deactivating it.

Despite all the bans, Watan's site still has more than half a billion visits per day from people all over the world.

The following are some advantages of online news reading.

Cheaper is: Online news reading is cheaper because there's no distribution charge, and there is no printing, which typically results in the newspaper being more expensive for the reader and they must read more while paying more. If you're talking about reading online news then you are able to browse it using just a amount of data from your mobile. It appears to be accessible and is also less expensive.

eco-friendly In today's environment, the environmental aspect is of great importance. The ability to read news online is an excellent way of conserving the planet. The hard copies are filled with paper, chemicals that could cause harm to our environment. Paper is used to make paper. Millions of forests are decimated with one blow, and the same ink, which contains chemical compounds in the papers, used in the surroundings, pollutes it. Instead of reading the news in newspapers or magazines you can read it online, and no papers or inks for chemical use are needed.

Quick Editing and Updating News on the web provides details about any event instantly. This is a time-consuming process that requires the collection of information, printing time and distribution of the material to read offline. This is considered to be obsolete with the advent of the modern age. In this way we can see how crucial it is to be up-to-date in this current age and why we must rely on the internet for news instead of reading news offline.

You can access a huge amount of information: The digital content needs less space to store the vast quantity of data. Thus, by browsing on the internet, you will find different types of news in accordance with your needs. With this site, in addition to latest news, you'll learn the background information and help you understand it better. It is easy to carry around: - carrying an electronic device like a laptop, mobile tablet, or digital watch isn't an easy task. All of these devices allow users to get access to news electronically and quickly. If we wish to remove any news published in a newspaper, or any other content printed in magazines, it's a difficult job, but you are able to get the news online any time and from any time.

In the end, we can highly recommend reading online news with your smartphone can greatly assist in obtaining information, news, and information everywhere. In this day and age the realm of competition has expanded and therefore it is essential to keep your up-to-date with the latest developments in PR. This is why we need to shift towards the internet and online news is essential for the future.