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BOLD 2003: Development and the Internet

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Instructions for Discussion


All participants who signed up for high level will use H2O as their primary discussion forum. H2O requires registration (it takes just a couple of minutes to complete). Please join our project, named Development and the Internet. The H2O Rotisserie system, once you register, will automatically send you a link to your question, and then send reminders as to when to answer your question and comment on other participants' answers. The first question will be sent out on Tuesday, April 2nd (if you register late, please join the discussion as soon as you are able).

You are also most welcome to participate in WebBoard, as described below.


WebBoard, a traditional threaded discussion board, is open to all participants. No login is necessary - each time you post, you will enter your name and email address. Click here to go to WebBoard now.


While everyone is welcome to participate in this discussion board, contributions must adhere to the following guidelines. We consider it a right and duty to remove any posts that, in our opinion, violate any of these guidelines.

1. Postings should relate specifically to the issues raised by the topic of the discussion thread.
2. Absolutely no personal attacks. Please address your criticisms to arguments, not to people. It's fine to disagree, but do so with respect.
3. Please use only one username.
4. Please aim to keep threads on topic.
5. Absolutely no use of profanities or, obscenities. Similarly, spiteful, hateful, abusive, harassing, or threatening remarks will not be tolerated. Please keep the discussion scholarly.
6. Any discussions or questions about the discussion board itself, the website, or the course in general should be posted in the discussion space devoted to "General Issues about the Board and the Series".


The Teaching Fellows are keeping a weblog! From time to time, they will write about their experiences with "Development and the Internet." This is not required reading but feel free to check in to see what's happening.