iCravetv.biz and Entervision Retransmit UFO Documentary and KCET - July 23, 2002
iCravetv.biz/Entervision Retransmissions

The first screenshot below shows the iCravetv front page as it stood on July 23, 2002, along with the live broadcast resulting from clicking on the link in the site's left navigation bar. The image in the lower-right corner is a moving video display. The author was unable to identify this image, but he noted that it lacked a station identifier logo or periodic commercial interruptions, that it proceeded for at least twenty minutes, and that its substance seemed to include discussion of UFOs. The author viewed its closing credits but was unable to identify it based on the names of actors listed.

At the conclusion of the credits, the author was shown what seemed to be an advertisement for the Entervision service itself, discussing the possibility of transmitting various forms of video using Entervision software. A snapshot from this video segment is shown in the second screenshot below.

After the advertisement, the author then saw a signal that was identified, in its bottom-right corner, as that of KCET, a California community television station. The third screenshot below shows an image from this transmission. A superimposed on-screen slider simultaneously moved from E to B, as is standard on some VCRs when a videotape rewinds. When the tape reached B, a recorded video restarted; it seemed to be the same documentary the author had previously viewed in part. These observations are consistent with a VCR set to automatically loop playback of a documentary followed by an Entervision ad, and set to show the current over-the-air braodcast of KCET while rewinding the videotape.

The author found that the Entervision.com front page showed a smaller image of the same video transmitted by iCravetv.biz.


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