Entervision Continues to Retransmits the Cartoon Network- July 10, 2002
iCravetv.biz/Entervision Retransmissions

After the Entervision front page ceased displaying the Catroon Network, the author used HTML code adapted from Entervision's earlier front page to continue to access Cartoon Network retransmission through servers operated by Entervision. In particular, when Entervision removed access to this signal from their front page, Entervision staff seem to have only revised the server IP address specified in the server front page HTML code, but failed to disable the video streaming server actually providing the Cartoon Network retransmission. It therefore remained possible to access the Cartoon Network retransmission, as shown below.

Taken on the evening of July 10, the screenshot below shows a large-size Cartoon Network retransmission originating at Entervision servers. Note the Cartoon Network loEntervision continues to retransmit the Cartoon Network - July 10, 2002go in the bottom-right corner of the video image.