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[openlaw] Opening briefs filed in Supreme Court

Petitioners filed opening briefs in the United States Supreme Court Monday 
in Eldred v. Ashcroft, supported by a wealth of tremendous amicus briefs.  

See our new website: <http://eldred.cc/>

Petitioners, commercial and non-commercial users of public domain works, 
ask the court to find that the retroactive copyright extension of the 
Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act does not "promote the Progress of 
Science and useful Arts" and to reverse its mockery of the constitutional 
provision for "limited Times" of copyright monopoly.  

The amici supporting our petition include many Nobel laureate economists, 
the Free Software Foundation, constitutional and IP law professors, the 
American Library Association, the Eagle Forum, the American Historical 
Association, distinguished historians, authors, artists, and archivists, 
and Intel Corp.  An amazing group of people and institutions spanning 
the ideological and sectoral spectrums.

The Government will file its response brief later this summer, after which 
we will file a reply.  The Court will hear oral arguments in its fall 
term, at a date not yet set.  

The new website, <http://eldred.cc/>, includes buttons you can use to show 
your support for the cause: <http://eldred.cc/howyoucanhelp/>.  Thanks 
from all of us at Openlaw (you can see the public input in our brief)!

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