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[dvd-discuss] FIne Print in Microsoft EULA for Media Player

* Content providers are using the digital rights management technology 
contained in the OS Components ("DRM") to protect the integrity of their 
content ("Secure Content") so that their intellectual property, including 
copyright, in such content is not misappropriated.  Portions of the OS 
Components and third party applications such as media players use DRM to play 
Secure Content ("DRM Software"). If the DRM Software’s security has been 
compromised, owners of Secure Content ("Secure Content Owners") may request 
that Microsoft revoke the DRM Software’s right to copy, display and/or play 
Secure Content.  Revocation does not alter the DRM Software’s ability to play 
unprotected content.  A list of revoked DRM Software is sent to your computer 
whenever you download a license for Secure Content from the Internet.  You 
therefore agree that Microsoft may, in conjunction with such license, also 
download revocation lists onto your computer on behalf of Secure Content 
Owners.  Microsoft will not retrieve any personally identifiable information, 
or any other information, from your computer by downloading such revocation 
lists. Secure Content Owners may also require you to upgrade some of the DRM 
components in the OS Components ("DRM Upgrades") before accessing their 
content.  When you attempt to play such content, Microsoft DRM Software will 
notify you that a DRM Upgrade is required and then ask for your consent before 
the DRM Upgrade is downloaded.   Third party DRM Software may do the same.  If 
you decline the upgrade, you will not be able to access content that requires 
the DRM Upgrade; however, you will still be able to access unprotected content 
and Secure Content that does not require the upgrade.