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[dvd-discuss] Next Generation DVD Encryption?


Self-Protecting Digital Content (SPDC) is an architecture designed to enhance and protect high-definition video distributed on next-generation optical discs. SPDC brings programmability and true renewability to digital video formats, providing unparalleled user interactivity, security based on risk management principles, and format upgradeability.

Existing protection systems rely on static security logic in player devices. These approaches must be designed from the beginning to prevent every potential attack. Unfortunately, it is unfeasible to address every threat, and systems that attempt to do so impose unnecessary restrictions on legitimate users.

In contrast, SPDC allows each media disc to carry its own decoding software. This content code can interact with users, query the player and its associated peripherals or device drivers, and control the playback process. If a security problem is identified, the content can deliver an appropriate response or countermeasure.

The player provides a simple, specialized virtual machine, but neither understands nor controls the decoding process. If a particular disc, device, or product line is compromised, subsequent content can carry a new security system that addresses the vulnerability. By simply issuing new media, content holders can seamlessly update security without affecting the user experience.

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I love the statement "In contrast, SPDC allows each media disc to carry its own decoding software."....The creators of the DeVil Disk should read their Bibles...in particular the section on the Tower of Babel.