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RE: [dvd-discuss] EFF: Court Endorses Ban on DVD Copy Technology[321 Studios]

On Wed, 3 Mar 2004, Richard Hartman wrote:
> The MPAA is lobbying in favor of the DMCA because they think it protects
> their interests.
> What would they do if the actually realized that it does not.
> Think a moment.  CSS does _nothing_ to validate that DVD playing is
> legit.  The only thing it validates is that the _player_ has code (CSS)
> that was licensed from the DVDCCA.  In other words, it protects the
> interests of the player manufacturers, but NOT the interests of the
> movie industry.  Put a pirate DVD (still encrypted) into a "good" player
> and it will play.  Put a good DVD into an unlicensed player and it will
> not play.
> Do you think the movie industry actually realizes that CSS does nothing
> for _them_?  I'm not so sure.
> Perhaps it isn't the courts we have to educate, but the movie moguls.
> Get the MPAA playing on our side.

Uh... that maybe held some water twenty years ago.

Remember that our great corporate advocate back then was Sony.

Today, Sony owns Universal.  And Phillips owns... err... one of those big

Consolidation, my friend, has made the player manufacturers and the movie
studios the SAME interest.

     Jeme A Brelin
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