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[dvd-discuss]DMCA protection of SPAMMING

OK check out

"All Email Software $100 US after paying us ,we will provide software register 

So evidently the SPAM lists are protected by some sort of "access control". 
So...lets consider some alternatives

1. If EMAIL addresses are just facts, then they cannot be copyrighted and the 
DMCA does not apply.
2. If a list of access protected email addresses shows sufficient creativity  
for copyright protection (because someone wrote a program to harvest them?), 
then they get DMCA protection. Does that fall under any exemption? (e.g. 
censorware? or the spyware protections that are hole-y adequate for all 
possible future changes
3. If someone uses CSS to encrypt the list...what's the status of DeCSS?
4. What would happen if someone harvested a list, encrypted it with CSS and 
then sent it out with DeCSS?