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[dvd-discuss] Re: [dvd-discuss digest 2003] V #308

No Flames...t'aint me (and anybody who can't figure out the relationship 
between*.aero.org and *. earthlink.net  between the email addresses should 
consider vitamin or herbal  supplements)...and I don't know what the uuencode 
is all about and don't want to find out...looks forged 'cause I know I didn't 
send that stuff (anybody got the headers? to figure out where it did come 
from?) ....of course dealing with the incompetent "Computer Idiots and Retard 
Division" once this arrives at the BLOATUS NOTUS work address is beyond my 
limited abilities...I can't speak stupid and being control freaks they think 
they know what they are doing so there's no point in asking them