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Re: [dvd-discuss] DMCA: Skylink beats Chamberlain

It makes interesting reading...the judge was not impressed with Chamberlain

"Tone’s conclusory assertion that Chamberlain did not authorize the 
circumvention of its rolling code GDOs has little weight."

In the alternative, Chamberlain claims that restrictions on the use of 
competing transmitters can be found on its webpage, which does not identify any 
non-Chamberlain transmitters in its GDO/accessory compatibility chart, and in 
its owners’ manual, which provides instructions for using the Security+ GDO 
only with other Security+ transmitters. (Pl. Mem., at 7.) Again, the court is 

"GDO transmitters are similar to television remote controls in that consumers 
of both products may need to replace them at some point due to damage or loss, 
and may program them to work with other devices manufactured by different 
companies. In both cases, consumers have a reasonable expectation that they can 
replace the original product with a competing, universal product without 
violating federal law."