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RE: [dvd-discuss] is this real? Suing the keyboard co?

It's listed under the humor section of kuro5hin.  What makes this satire so compelling is that, because of the all the egregious actions initiated under the DMCA, this is an believable scenario.  Who would have thought that a company would have threatened to sue a researcher for holding down the shift key?  If they would do that, it's not to great a leap to think that one would sue the manufacturer for making the 'device' in the first place.  Good satire, but should have been labeled better.

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German-based media giant Bertelsmann Group has launched a 400 million
dollar lawsuit against major hardware manufacturers, alleging they traffic
in banned circumvention devices that can be used to illegally copy their
music CDs. It says that the Digital Millenium Copyright Act entitles it to
protection from devices that can be used to circumvent its technological
protections against piracy. Specifically, it demands compensation for the
inclusion of "Shift" buttons on standard computer keyboards.