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Re: [dvd-discuss] RIAA Subpoena Process-Flaws

Not low enough....look at the poor 65 yrs old grandma macintosh user caught in their dragnet.  Remember too that this is not a radar system. This is not a product warrenty. This is not qualitly control...this is THE LAW here.  The standard is that one has REASON to believe not that one has a probability to believe. I also do not know anywhere where the court system has stated that it's putting itself into the crapshoot business when it's willing to accept that a something probably might have happened rather than proof that it did.

RIght now the courts are technologically ignorant at best and stupid at worst (remember Kaplan of Reimedes was considered techno-savvy) and believe that "the computer doesn't lie" .  They also need to be educated in the shotgun tactics the RIAA is employing in these suits.

Will Bickford <wbic16@xedoloh.com>
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10/09/2003 03:01 PM
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I'll be the skeptic on this one...

Even *if* the RIAA isn't careful enough to take time zones into account,
ISP's are.

It would be quite detrimental to business for an ISP to give the RIAA
incorrect user information.  I'd wager that ISP's are very careful about
reporting who had an IP address at a given point in time.

Also, the RIAA has been going after "big time" downloaders.  Those types of
connections don't change IP addresses that often.  Even if the records were
off by 2 hours, the probability that the wrong subscriber was identified
should be low.

Still, it's an interesting point that should be investigated to protect