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[dvd-discuss] Judge dismisses Palm patent case win

After reading this article at the Register and following the link to and reviewing the patent documents, I'm frustrated, angry, and bemused at the US patent system.  I know I shouldn't be, but I am.  The patent holder made some drawings and wrote up some ideas about what a product should look like and do.  It doesn't provide a tangible product design.  It's just a vague, pie-in-the-sky wish-list.  You can't take the patent drawing and documents and produce a working device.  Yet the patent holding company claims that Palm is infringing its patent.  Could someone explain how its possible to patent an 'idea" without doing the work to make it tangible?  This sure isn't an invention or "technology". And it definitely doesn't promote progress. 


This patent describes a "multifunction, credit card-sized computer that allows users to securely store a multitude of account numbers, PIN codes, access information and other data from multiple credit cards, check cards, identification cards and similar personal documents".   It doesn't describe how to design the circuitry to make the computer. It doesn't describe how to create the software to run it; it just describes what it should do and roughly look like.  It's a dream.
A hand-held computer - what a novel idea.  It's amazing that in the last fifty years or so, no one has every thought about creating something like this device.

To use a current analogy: it would be on par with patenting the idea of using high pressure, carbon, and heat in a machine to make gem quality diamonds without actually turning the idea into a working device.  People have been trying to do it for years.  Then sue everyone that comes up with inventions that create diamonds using high pressure, carbon and heat.

I have an idea for a cancer drug. It should either be an  injectable, inhalant, absorbable, or ingestible drug.  It can take a variety of shapes and  colors or, in the case of the inhalant, it may have no color or shape. ( I will provide handwritten drawings later).  It should target the cancer cells without damaging the host and may  have few minor side affects (headaches, nausea, etc).  Oh, and I will describe what type of cancer for which it is effective against later.  Now all I have to do is wait from Merck or one of the other pharmaceutical companies to develop it, and then sue them for infringement.