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[dvd-discuss] Software Helps Tame the Copyright Jungle

Something is terribly wrong when one has to examine video frame-by-frame  that one owns before one can offer it for viewing.  I would even go out on a limb and say the Copyright system is broken beyond repair and should be regressed back to the original grant :-)


free registration required.

Some extracts:

"A producer may hold distribution rights outside the United States. A song in the soundtrack may be cleared to play in Asia but not in Africa. And a billboard in the background may show the logo for a brand-name sneaker, requiring the shoe's manufacturer to weigh in. "
"The Internet has opened the door to a slew of new opportunities for offering content, but copyright law still can get in the way. Each segment of a video may be covered by different restrictions on where it can be shown, what it can be used for and when it can be sold."