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[dvd-discuss] DMCA and online tonight

Well, I did that parody and had an encounter with online tonight's David

It turned out to be like an hour long advertisement for the show and their

I know I'm lame but at least the copyright issue was brought to the table.


and on xm I hear.


On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Marcia Wilbur wrote:

> Do you remember the dow chemical parody incident this past December?
> Thing.net went down because of Verio.
> There were sites like hellskitchen.net and
> tenant.net that were shut down
> due to the dow-chemical.com parody?
> Have you ever heard of the 10 quick steps to... do whatever?
> http://www.electroniclaw.org/10steps_parody.html
> Well, I decided to accept parodies. So anyone who knows anyone who is
> afraid to post their parodies, just send them this way.
> -aicra