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RE: [dvd-discuss] Gedanken Experiment -Unix and Norton

isn't then a program (software or hardware) a collection of "just facts and
information into some (computer-understandable) arrangement of bytes"?

where is the line of (perhaps protectable) computer code and "just" data?



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> I venture they have stored the Virus-signatures in a compact form, not
just a,
> say, simple list in a text file.

Doubtless but it's still just facts and information that has been organized
into some arrangment of bytes. The arrangement cannot be copyrighted and not
patented as well, although these days who knows.
> Also, identifying and then listing a Virus-signature and the remedy may be
> protected too.

Why? That's just facts as well. A partial remedy is no remedy and neither is
too much of a remedy (Destroy the harddisk!) so there is also no originality
the remedy.