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Re: [dvd-discuss] Public Domain Enhancement Bill

On 27 Jun 2003 at 9:54, Jeme A Brelin wrote:

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> On Fri, 27 Jun 2003, Michael A Rolenz wrote:
> > The question was not that Disney owns idea but if Disney owns say 90% of
> > copyrighted material, then practically nothing enters the PD. The
> > question is if that is harmful?
> To state more directly what Richard put very clearly and subtley:  Disney
> may, at some point, own 90% of COPYRIGHTED material, but that is always an
> insignificant percentage of COPYRIGHTABLE material.

Sure, every email, the design on every cereal box or label on a tin can is 
copyrightable so Disney can own 90% of the copyrights on novels and short 
stories but that's not a problem because they don't own 90% of the 
copyrightable material?

> At least, the prevailing theory is that human thought and expression is
> infinite.
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