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Re: [dvd-discuss] Patent anything

Well let's look at the patent.

Flat fee per month for rentals-obvious and definitly prior art.
Delivery of items through the mail-ditto
Items = DVD- who cares
Using the INTERNET rather than the telephone, telegraph or postal service. WFD

I don't think your idea of patenting breathing would work. Breathing should be in the prior art but maybe if you can figure out how to make people breath over the Internet you might have something

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If Netflix can get a patent on getting a monthly subscription fee, I should be able to get a patent on breathing.  Everyone hold you breath until you pay up;)


There is such a huge disconnect between what a "reasonable" person sees as appropriate and to what the IP industry is staking claim , is it any wonder that the average citizen is beginning to feel nothing but contempt for copyright and patent and ignore the law?