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Re: [dvd-discuss] Petition for rational copyright law

On 05-Jun-2003 Noah silva wrote:
> Why do you think this? The registry system could be incredibly
> simple.  Everyone registers their copyrights now, just that it's not as
> organized or simple as it could be.  I agree that every copyright should
> be assigned a number, and be in an easily searchable database.  Then when
> a book or CD says "Copyright No. 76245674", you could hop on copyright.gov
> and check out the details of the copyright, when it expires, when/how many
> times it was renewed, owner transfers, etc.

Don't forget that (most) every email you send is also copyrighted.  Be sure
to bcc the copyright registration database for all your emails.  Wait,
that won't work, need need the registration number before you send it.
Oh well, just add a few more steps to every message you send.