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[dvd-discuss] Senator Brownback: "Let's Make A Deal"

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  Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 01:02:40 EDT
  From: Virtualaw@aol.com
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Drew Clark reports in the June 3rd Technology Daily that Senator Sam
Brownback is preparing to introduce legislation that would:

--Bar any Federal mandate for copy-control technology.
--Effectively reverse the District Court decision regarding the scope of the
Section 512(h) subpoena power to compel the disclosure of ISP subscriber
identity, as delivered in the RIAA v Verizon case.
--Require clear and conspicuous consumer disclosures on all copy-controled
CDs and other DRMed products.
--Affirm that the first sale doctrine applies to digital media.
--Require the FTC to study and report to Congress as to whether DRM
technologies impede lawful uses of digital media.

The bill would authorize the FCC to mandate a "broadcast flag" for
over-the-air digital TV transmissions -- but only if it preserved reasonable
consumer, educational, and library rights; was based on objective standards
rather than requirements to use a particular copy control technology; and
permitted manufacturers to self-certify compliance.

Brownback, a conservative Republican from Kansas, Chairs the Science,
Technology and Space Subcommittee of the Senate Commerce Committee.

Phosters who support the thrust of the bill should encourage their own
Senators to cosponsor the legislation. 

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