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Re: [dvd-discuss] Don't forget to curse the darkness

On 1 Jun 2003 at 2:09, Joshua Stratton wrote:

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Subject:        	[dvd-discuss] Don't forget to curse the darkness
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> On a lighter note:
> http://www.ozyandmillie.org/2003/om20030527.html
> http://www.ozyandmillie.org/2003/om20030528.html
> http://www.ozyandmillie.org/2003/om20030529.html
> http://www.ozyandmillie.org/2003/om20030530.html
> http://www.ozyandmillie.org/2003/om20030531.html
> It's the last one that's best.

"Forever less a day"-Mary Bonehead as prompted by Jack "Boots" Valenti