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Re: [dvd-discuss]DMCA Excemption Hearings at UCLA Day 1 Part n of N

More interesting is


since I wasn't there but at a combined 500+ pages I'm not certain I'll be getting through all of it anytime soon...although I can bet that the old nonsense of availability of works in other media will be trotted out- I was at BestBuy saturday morning. There are NO VHS tapes there. NADA.  Columbia House Video Club is moving to Columbia House DVD Ripoff by reducing title availability in VHS and reducing Video  stock through clearance pricing...no surprise there....remember the introduction of the CD in the mid to late 80s. Once the CD got established, they stopped making vinyl and dumped their inventory....any reason to expect they won't do the same with DVD....

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At 08:55 PM 5/14/2003 -0700, microlenz@earthlink.net wrote:
>I attended the first day's hearings on DMCA exemptions at UCLA today.

For those wondering if Mike's report was completely whack, the transcript
now is available at
http://www.copyright.gov/1201/2003/hearings/transcript-may14.pdf.  I
haven't read it yet.

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