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RE: [dvd-discuss]DMCA Excemption Hearings at UCLA Day 1 Part n of N

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> Day 1 Part n
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> What was evident is that there needs to be more interchange 
> between legal and 
> technical communities on these matters. When the question was 
> asked regarding 
> how to fix broken copy protections I wanted to jump up and 
> say "Ok...if in 
> hardware, then I get my scope, borrow a logic analyzer and RE 
> the chips..if if 
> software..then I'm going to run the drivers in a symbolic 
> debugger and watch 
> until they fail and then find what went wrong...that's muach 
> easier....then I 
> patch the software..".."WHAT violate the santity of intellectual 
> property...".."sure its easy...replace XXX with YYY at 
> location ZZZ do until 
> finished...."..Is that hard...no piece of cake....my scope I 
> bought at the TRW 
> swapmeet for $50..my (scalar)network analyzer cost $100 but I 
> can't get the 
> cables or manual for it..I can download a hex editor for free..."
> The whole notion of technology is a bugber but to those that 
> do not see it as a 
> bugbear they are frightened.

You can reverse that last statement when it comes to
technical people looking at the legal process as well!

This list is a great start on getting interchange between
the two communities though.  The bigger issue is how to
spread the effect beyond the scope of the list membership...

-Richard M. Hartman

186,000 mi/sec: not just a good idea, it's the LAW!