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Re: [dvd-discuss]DMCA Excemption Hearings at UCLA Day 1..Addenda

On 15 May 2003 at 21:15, James S. Tyre wrote:

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> At 07:27 PM 5/15/2003 -0700, microlenz@earthlink.net wrote:
> >Session 3- Copy protected CDs
> >
> >This was an Alice in Wonderland session...listening to the RIAA and 
> >Macrovision
> >I wondered where they live?
> >
> >My notes are not that complete since I kept getting interrupted by the guy
> >behind me (I hope the picture he wanted me to take afterwards of him, Gwen,
> >Robin, Ren of EFF and Jim T using his 007 sized camera and recorder actually
> >does come out an he send copies out...I'm sticking to my SLR or cheezy digital
> >camera I own)
> It sucked.  Not your fault, he emailed me all of his pics after, they all 
> sucked.  Don't recall if this list will allow attachments, but what the 
> heck.  Left to right: me, Robin Gross, Ren Bucholz, the guy (still don't 
> know who he is), Gwen Hinze.

Some Friend of George Z? He insisted on scribbling "boycottriaa" on my paper at 
one point.

It does suck and I'm embarrassed to have taken something so bad. the exposure 
is awful..so is the framing...i guess I miss the frosted glass etched grid 
viewer on my minolta.....can I retroactively deny having taken the picture 

> Clarification: Robin hasn't been with EFF for awhile now, she now heads IP
> Justice.  (If the guy wasn't interrupting you too much)

Ah....you noticed that...I was hoping when we were outside to talk with Gwen a 
bit about some of the copy protection schemes. The thirty second data dump I 
did give her may help but she really didn't get a chance to ask questions...

> you may have notices
> that, a few times, Robin and Gwen did not fully agree with each other, though
> they didn't fully contradict each other, either.  They could offer slightly
> different points of view precisely because they're no longer with the same .org.

Yes I did. I also noticed the occasional conference.