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Re: [dvd-discuss] Shrinkwrap Licenses....extending them

'Twas brillig when Glendon M. Gross scrobe:
> There is someone out there who is doing something very similar using 
> common law copyright based on the U.C.C.   I have a friend who is
> looking into it.  The book with the information on it is called
> "Cracking the code."  You copyright your name and then charge people
> extensive fees when they use it to attempt to sue you.  (My friend is > charging
$500,000. per use of his buisiness name, which he has 
> copyrighted.) At that rate, it could be very expensive for his 
> creditors to sue him.

Apropos to this flaky copyright idea, here's an appeals court decision in a
criminal case involving just such a defendant. http://www.ca7.uscourts.gov/op3.fwx?submit1=showop&caseno=02-3424.PDF
The defendant received an extra stiff sentance for obstruction of justice after
threatening to file (worthless) leins against members of the court who used
his name without conpensation.
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