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[dvd-discuss] Music Industry Woes and lawsuits against college students


The above article makes a good point.   How long will the music industry
persist in believing that file sharing is the cause of their downfall,
rather than a failure to produce quality output?

In my view, these lawsuits against students are another example of how
the recording industry has lost touch with its constituents.   When
can be sued for billions for doing something that is really very natural
and doesn't hurt anyone, and probably helps rather than hurts the
it clearly shows the absurd depths to which intellectual property
advocates have sunk.  (IMO).  

These industry folks need to learn to "think outside the box" and market
using electronic media rather than misusing the legal system to attack
their potential customers.  The bad PR from these lawsuits may come back
bite those who abuse the courts in this manner.


Glendon Gross
musician and anti-DMCA advocate