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RE: [dvd-discuss] Re: Another Poster Child for DeCSS?

Ok ... I vaguely recall the term "barretry" ... but
what is "champtery"??

-Richard M. Hartman

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> On Wed, 9 Apr 2003, John Zulauf wrote:
> >
> >I spoke to one our company lawyers. What he said was "lawyers get to
> >lie" -- if they can find an *arguement* (valid or not) to 
> defend their
> >position, they can assert any rights they want.  The *purchaser* then
> >would have to show in court that the claims are invalid.  
> But, since it
> >takes a court to determine the validity of the claim, the lawyer can
> >state almost anything, because until the court rules, the law is just
> >"Schroedinger's cat" -- and any claim about it's quantum state is
> >equally valid.
> Nothing in the above statement insulates them from a charge 
> of Barratry if
> they fail though.  In fact, I'd say that the proper defense 
> in this case
> is a good offense.  Given the fact that in the New York case, 
> the DVDCCA
> practically admitted Champtery, and the RIAA operates under a similar
> model, I'd say that the defendant that doesn't counterclaim 
> Barratry and
> Champtery in JohnZu's scenario is asking for infinite repeats 
> of the same
> case.  I'd go so far as to say that the RIAA is asking to be hit with
> Champtery counterclaims whenever they enter into a courthouse as a
> Plaintiff.  In fact, barratous behavior impleies Champtery, 
> as I submit
> that it's impossible to constantly both do and sue.
> >My follow-up was what about areas that have been litigated.  
> The seller
> >can always claim that they *could* possibly win (overturning 
> precedent
> >is possible) and thus the shrink-wrap claims go back in the box with
> >Schroedinger's cat.
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