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Re: [dvd-discuss] University Blocking of P2P

On 12 Apr 2003 at 18:33, Mikael Pawlo wrote:

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Subject:        	[dvd-discuss] University Blocking of P2P
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> A major Swedish university introduces blocking of peer-to-peer traffic. The
> reason is not - as it may seem - to make the students comply with the copyright
> act, but to make the networks usable for other uses (such as studying).
> Circumvention of the (very unsophisticated) port blocking may be punished with
> exclusion from the network.

OK...so the purpose of a university is learning. Creating P2P networks using 
their equipment consumes bandwidth that other who are not P2P are having 
problems...Is this a problem? If they want to register their P2P as research 
then let it get some peer review (no pun intended)..otherwise I have little 
sympathy...unlike today's students, Visa and Mastercard considered us bad risks 
when I was in school.

> Short summary in English:
> http://grep.law.harvard.edu/article.pl?sid=03/04/12/1119240
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